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About “Video Magnets”

Video MagnetsVideo Magnets help you create and harness the most powerful online attraction tool bar none –
YOU in YOUR video on YOUR website.


With a system that turns YOU, the CEO of your business, the partner or director of your firm, into the most powerful online attraction tool bar none. This lets you be active and in peak form in front of your clients and prospects 24/7 without having to do any extra work.

The Impact

With your Video Magnets, you stand out from your competitors. Your viewers engage with you, which in turn creates connection and helps build trust. These connections and the accrued trust cause your conversion rate of prospects into clients to increase, at times dramatically, therefore helping you make more money by attracting more ideal clients faster.

What do we do?

At Video Magnets, we facilitate this process of building your online connection with your website visitors and help you become the most powerful online attraction tool bar none.

From concept to production, optimisation, ranking, call-to-action hosting and social media promotion of your Video Magnets, everything is covered by our range of services. You can see what they include here.

Dr. MaxVideo Magnets was founded by Max Alter. You’ll find out more about him from his LinkedIn profile. Once there, join his LinkedIn Group, or join his Facebook Group for free tips and advice.

For a free consultation on how Video Magnets can help you achieve your goals, call us on 020 8133 2352, email max (at) videomagnets.co.uk, or complete the Contact form.