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VideoMagnets (2020 Update)

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2020 has been quite a year so far.
In my video, I give you an update on what I’ve been up to (my personal transformation and, among other things, travelling during lockdown), what I do now (which is not so much different from before, that is, continuing to create the right kind of stories for my clients) and how working conditions have changed. Most importantly:

Filming is now fully COVID-compliant with all industry-wide safety measures in place.

Here is the link to the full version of my lockdown travelogue: Travels Along My Bookshelves (2020).
My detailed business storytelling guides are also easily located on my blog. Pick and choose the topic most helpful for you: My A to Z of Videos for Professional Services.

For any questions and help with video projects, get in touch. If you want to call, my phone number is in the header. If you want to write, use the contact form, or via Facebook or LinkedIn. I’m happy to help and look forward to talking to you. And keep safe for the rest of the year.