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3 Simple Steps How To Speak To Your Customers Directly – From Your Website

When is your communication with your customers or clients at its best – face-to-face or through the written word?

The answer is obvious. Local business in particular thrives on face-to-face communication. It is personal, it carries emotion, and the prospective customer feels personally addressed and taken care of.

Can you recreate this with the written word? In most cases, it is either extremely difficult or impossible. Even letters that are personally addressed only have a chance if you can grab your prospect’s attention with the opening phrase. That’s a tall order.

The Internet has changed all that. You can now present your whole business to each visitor of your website.

You offer them a door to step through – your front page. It is your business, you are the host, and your website visitor is a most welcome guest.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could greet your guests personally, face-to-face? Welcome them in, establish rapport, and guide them through your site?

Why don’t you?

Most business owners startle when they hear this question. How can I greet anyone personally on my website?

The answer could not be simpler.

Greet your visitors personally with a video embedded on your home page.

What do you think? Can you do it?

Before you bombard me with “Expensive!”, “Difficult!”, “In front of a camera? Not me!”, “I don’t have the time to play around!”… take a moment and reflect.

Because what I am about to show you will make a huge difference to your bottom lime if you take action.

Creating online video today is extremely cost effective. In fact, it is so cost effective method because it is the single most powerful online promotion tool bar none. That’s why online video is growing explosively. Just check out “The Impact of Video.”

In addition, it can also be technically very simple to create, and can be done quickly.

You know how effective you can be when talking to a prospective client. But that’s what a video camera is: your next customer knocking at the door. And through the lens, you open the door and ask:

“How Can I Help You? Please come in and allow me to show you around.”

Of course, as a business owner you simply don’t have the time to become an expert in online video, web design and local video marketing.

You don’t have to.

As a business owner, your main concern is to grow your business, especially in these trying economic times. This takes more hours than there are in the day.

So why not look for help in your online acquisition of new clients?

Here are the 3 steps you need to take to achieve this aim:

  • Web design: Your website has to be client friendly. Visitors have to be able to read it easily and find their way around intuitively.
  • Online video: The first thing a visitor needs to see is your welcome video.
  • Optimisation: Your website has to be structured in such a way that it can rise easily to the top of the Google, Yahoo or Bing. In other words, it needs to be optimised for the search engines. Here, your videos are an indispensible help.

For good measure, I throw in a fourth step:

  • Don’t stop at one video: Use the good will and momentum that you’ve created and your visitors on a journey through your business, video by video.

The videos should be you, not Hollywood productions. The truth is, the simpler your videos the more effective the communication because you speak directly to your visitors, not through the distancing filter of a fancy Hollywood style production.

Of course, there are a few things to getting your videos right and to helping your website to acquire the right customers. But if you follow these three steps, you will be ahead of 99 percent of your competition because you talk to your customers immediately face-to-face when they first visit your business.

This is where Video Magnets can help you with their expertise in customising local video marketing programmes for small businesses.

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