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[pley-boo k]
“any plan or a set of strategies, as for outlining a campaign in business or politics”

The Video Magnets Playbook provides you with the necessary strategies for a successful video campaign, from Content Creation all the way to Lead Generation.

The Playbook applies in all cases, whether you:

  • want the complete package, that is, All Done for You from scratch, or
  • prefer our VM Success Essentials to be slotted into your existing online structure that already includes your website, blog and social media channels, or
  • require DIY Support to help you get it right and eliminate guesswork. We just take over the technically more demanding tasks.

The Playbook is the framework covering these five steps:

  1. Content
  2. Produce
  3. Edit
  4. Publish
  5. Promote

Here are the five steps:


Content is King - Video Magnets

It’s true, content is king. More important for the success of your videos, though, is that the right kind of content is presented by the right person, and that is independent of whether you are an SME or a large corporation.

Do you provide a professional service and want your clients to perceive you as their trusted advisor? Then you have to nail your content and your strategy.

How do you create your content and formulate your strategy? From DIY Support to doing it all for you and any stage in between, we can help you get your content right and to your target audience.


What quality do you think is good enough for your videos? How good is good enough?

Future clients judge you by the first impression you make on them. And that happens in your ‘shop window’, that is, on your website, in your online presentation.

To generate the right first impression, everything from production planning to presentation coaching and the actual video shoot requires meticulous attention to detail. Our production service will make sure that the first (and second and third…) impression you present will be the best it can possibly be.


Bringing it all together - VideoMagnets

With everything in place, you now have to assemble all the diverse elements to give your videos the right look and feel. Above all, your videos have to reflect the quality of the services yoy provide. And they have to blend in with your website and brand. You show the world who you are and what you deliver.

Attracting the right viewer also depends on making their viewing experience effortless and, last but most certainly not least, on encouraging them to get in touch.

How do you bring all this together to create a multi-layered harmonious atmosphere? Our post-production service makes sure that all the elements – video, audio, graphics, text and animation – blend harmoniously to create the desired impact.


Video Marketing - VideoMagnets

The world is your oyster. That world could be local, regional, national or global. However large or small your world is, one thing is vitally important: You have to be found.

Being found is much more than just believing in the ‘When you build it they will come’ fairy tale. Being found means above all going where your clients are. Only when you find them will they find you.

This is where your strategy takes off.

The interconnected online world makes it possible for you to be in many places at the same time doing the same thing: talking to your clients, without actually having to be there in person. Our optimisation and publication service helps you not only reach your clients where they are, we also make sure that the right people see and react to your videos and get in touch.


We all want to be in the right place at the right time, above all to be in the forefront of our clients’ mind when they are getting ready to decide and to buy.

With the right strategy in place from the outset, you are now ideally positioned to optimise your chances whenever your clients are ready.

Our targeting and follow-up service will make sure that they know that you are there for them when they need you and how to get in touch when they want to. After that, it’s up to you.

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