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Why on earth make a simple video about a unicorn and an elephant? First of all, why not? What else would one do with a unicorn and an elephant that roam across one’s computer screen? One tells their story, n’est ce pas, and preferably in their own habitat.

Then, of course, as with every story, there is the back story.
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2020 has been quite a year so far.
In my video, I give you an update on what I’ve been up to (my personal transformation and, among other things, travelling during lockdown), what I do now (which is not so much different from before, that is, continuing to create the right kind of stories for my clients) and how working conditions have changed. Most importantly:
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It all started as a simple exercise designed to beat the boredom and the extreme limitations forced on my business by the lockdown at the end of March. I thought I would try and practice focus pulling with different lenses just for fun.
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Hoping for Herd Immunity – Does This Mean Goodbye?

Do you understand what is happening with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and what precisely the government is preparing us for? I didn’t really get it until last night.

Here are a number of strands of thought drawn together that helped me get the picture. As I believe that they will be helpful to others, too, I make no apology for the length of this article. I’ll provide links to relevant sources at the end.
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This is a personal video.
The personal is my take on being forced to give up my civic rights if I want to keep living in the same country as my daughter, in the place I have called home for decades.
If you want to know more, watch the video.
The fact that I have chosen to express myself in a video rather than just in writing is kind of obvious. I emphasise this because I tried to make it not as boring as a straight talking head by introducing visual and audio elements that illustrate my personal statement. I hope I succeeded at least to a certain extent. If you watch the video without sound you’ll miss a fair bit of content that lives beyond the simple spoken word.
As always, I’d love to have your feedback and comments.
You can connect with me on LinkedIn and in my Facebook group: Videos for Professional Services.

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Welcome to video 3 of our series from The Ship in Marlow with Jay Blake and Max Alter.

Today, we talk about the most important thing for anybody in business, which, of course, is also at the core of what we’ve been discussing in this series.

It is about that word that Jay refers to as his drug of choice.


What does video have to do with Trust?

Is video good for trust?

And if so, how does video help build trust?
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Welcome to our second video from the picturesque town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire where Jay Blake and I talk about video in the pub garden of The Ship. (You find the first video here.) What follows below is a representation of both of our thoughts. If you want to know who said what, it’s in the video.

As we drove along this morning trying to find a suitable venue for filming, we talked about the fact that video can be very much like music or more specifically, like composing.

Composing Videos

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Welcome to the first of our conversations from The Ship in Marlow.

Jay Blake and I met in the garden of a pub in Marlow, a picturesque country town not far from North London, decided to ignore the rain and talk about various aspects of our passion, namely using video. In this case, it’s all about using online video for networking and for business in general.

Why we like video.

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The difference in this picture

Tate Modern, the Shard, the Sail, and the OXO Tower with an ugly high rise muscling in next to it – four times the same panorama.

So what is the difference?

Primarily the light, I agree.

Would this difference be interesting enough to justify showing you more of the same? I do have a few more shots of this scene. Or would this just be boring?

That depends on how you look at the pictures.

Here is one way:
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After location scouting the other day near one of the Inns of Court, I made my way back through Bloomsbury where I had not been in years. Russel Square was largely unchanged.
Two large, empty marquees in Tavistock Square, though, piqued my curiosity what with the square still being open to the public. They were prayer tents for Iftar placed in the shade of a maple tree planted by the League of Jewish Woman to commemorate peace over thirty years ago.
Gandhi would have approved.
Ramadan Kareem.