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TRUST – WHY and HOW? (We Talk About Video, Part 3)

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Welcome to video 3 of our series from The Ship in Marlow with Jay Blake and Max Alter.

Today, we talk about the most important thing for anybody in business, which, of course, is also at the core of what we’ve been discussing in this series.

It is about that word that Jay refers to as his drug of choice.


What does video have to do with Trust?

Is video good for trust?

And if so, how does video help build trust?

In the first instance, video is awesome for trust because in a video, not only do we get to hear what people say, we get to see them, and we get to read their body language. And we get a sense of the person and whether this is somebody who we’ll be able to get on with; whether this is somebody we want to give some of our time to or our money. In a nutshell, is this somebody whose services we want to use?

And when we get to meet them, we continue this process. We do this either consciously or subconsciously but whichever way, the process has started.

Building Trust

Another central issue is that building trust is a slow process.

The best way is, of course, face-to-face, talking to each other. It’s a person-to-person process, and we do it by looking at the other person.

Next, we move trust-building online. The best vehicle to achieve this is video and this means looking into the Zig Ziglar on Trust & Businesscamera. Actually, it’s not so much into the camera but preferably through the camera because then we’re looking at the person on the other side of the screen who is now watching the video.

This gives the other person the opportunity to become engaged in this multi-dimensional process involving body language, the sound of the voice, the gestures, the content of the message, and the viewer’s interpretation of all these elements. This is done subconsciously independently of whether we decide to do it or just do it. The result is that we either trust the other person or we don’t trust them.

Video provides a really good way of quickly starting the ball rolling.

So if you are not using video yet, give it a try. It is worth it, and you’ll very quickly discover what a difference it will make to your business, to your project and for the people who are getting to know you.

What type of video builds trust?

One important point is that for this to succeed, you have to choose the right type of video.

Lots of people tell you just to create a video because videos create trust. Well, if you create one of these typical explainer videos, which use a professional voiceover, professionally designed graphics, and you don’t appear in the video, it may create a certain degree of engagement with the process or the product that the video demonstrates.

But in a B2B environment, where personal connection is key, this kind of video does not work. It does not create the trust we need to do business, to conclude a transaction, to establish a relationship or whatever else is required. It does not necessarily have to be business. It applies to any kind of project.

Hence, if you want to use video to build trust, make it personal. Talk to the other person, and online the best way is through the camera.

Let us know, please!

Jay and I make videos not just for fun but primarily for people to watch them.

We both love hearing back from people who have watched them. We love hearing what people think and how they are composing videos for themselves and their business.

If you are creating videos for your business, drop us a line or even send us a video. Tell us about how you are using video for your business, and ask us any questions that you’d like us to answer or provide you with some support and guidance as you go forward in making your own videos. And we’d love to hear from you what you think about what we said and how to move video forward.

Get in touch with Jay on LinkedIn and with Max on Facebook.