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We Talk About Video (Part 1)

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Welcome to the first of our conversations from The Ship in Marlow.

Jay Blake and I met in the garden of a pub in Marlow, a picturesque country town not far from North London, decided to ignore the rain and talk about various aspects of our passion, namely using video. In this case, it’s all about using online video for networking and for business in general.

Why we like video.

As a networking ambassador, Jay meets lots of people.
For him, video is the most time effective online tool to connect with people and to get to know them better as well as allowing them to connect with him.

The reason for this is simple: One minute of video communicates far more than several minutes of reading material. This empowers people to make decisions with a far greater degree of emotional confidence than they would be able to do if they only had a business card or pages of text to go by.

This superior ability to communicate on more than one level is also the main reason why I prefer online video over all other online media.

Video is simply the best online medium to establish trust.

How do we establish trust and how does video help?

The best means of establishing trust is obviously talking face-to-face. And online, the best way is using video. But not just any kind of video. The kind of video that is successful in creating relatedness and connection has to be created properly: You have to look directly at the other person. That is to say, you have to look the viewer in the eye and communicate directly with him or her.

We go into more detail on this in our next video.

By the way, in the not too distant future, I will publish a curated video where I will extract the definitions produced by thought leaders on the topic of ‘trust in business.’ This will give us an overview of the current state of thinking on this topic. Stay tuned for announcements.

And come and join the discussion in our Facebook group. See you over there.

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