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(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Today I’m in beautiful, sunny Pinner with Julian Knopf of Gander Photography. Actually, Julian runs not just Gander Photography but another photography business as well. He’ll explain it all to us. And he is also a great social media user.

Julian, you told me that you have two different photography businesses. What is the most effective, most impactful social media platform for you?
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(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Welcome to Episode 5 of 3 Questions About Social Media with William Buist, business mentor and founder of First Friday, the business networking meeting he has organised for over a decade.

William, what is the most effective and impactful social media platform that you are using for your business?

I use three, Max, and thank you for inviting me to take part in this.
I use Facebook mostly to talk to my close network; people that I know well; people that know me well, my clients some of them and my friends and family.
I use LinkedIn as a way of reaching out to a wider network of business people.
And I use Twitter for more social conversation; short, sharper interventions in debates, in conversations, and just keeping up with what’s going on.

And what type of posts do you publish? Is it images? Just text? Video? Or whatever.
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Jane Tyson invited me to participate in her Random Dialogues and to edit the video myself.

It was fun all the way.

The main questions remain, though:
Do you have a purpose in your life? In your work? If so, what is your purpose?

And how did you find it?
Did it hit you over the head one day? Did it creep up on you? Did you sneak up on it?

Come and join the discussion in my Facebook group. I’d love to hear from you.

(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Tammy Cowling, welcome to the #3Questions About Social Media interview. You are a change manager, and my question to you is:

What is the most effective, most engaging social media platform for you in your business?

At the moment, I’m quite agnostic about all the different on platforms that we’ve got.
I used to use LinkedIn a lot. I used to use Facebook a fair bit.
But what I’m finding is the functionality on those is changing, and I haven’t quite found the right one yet. So we’re plugging in the gaps with Instagram, with WhatsApp, with Meet Up, with a whole range of things because we’ve got a whole suite now to try and get back what we used to have sort of five years ago.

Did you ever, that question obviously has to come from me, did you ever use video on your social media platforms?
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(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Tonight, I’m here with Mike Turner, the founder of the Six O’clock Club Meetup. We are just behind London Bridge near The Shard, and I’m going to ask him the famous #3Questions about Social Media.

Mike, welcome. You are really heavily into social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, all sorts of thing.
What’s the most effective, most engaging online platform for you?

For me personally, its Facebook.

Why is Facebook better for you than any of the others?
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(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Welcome back to the 3 Questions About Social Media interview.
Today, I’m with Anne Iarchy in Finchley, which used to be Margaret Thatcher’s constituency.
Anne is a weight loss coach and a prolific user of social media.

Anne, you’ve been using social media for quite a while. Which one is the most effective, the most engaging medium that you use?
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Welcome to the first in my new series of interviews, 3 Questions About Social Media.
What is it about?
It’s very simple and straightforward. I’ll be talking to people who are avid and successful users of social media for their businesses.
I’ll ask them 3 simple questions about how they use social media for their businesses.
All this will be no theory, just facts straight from the practitioner’s point of view.
There won’t be any techie talk either. I’ll create a separate video about the technology I use to create this series, and I promise it’s nothing advanced or even sophisticated (spoiler alert: it’s my smartphone). For any questions and discussions, join us in my Facebook group VideoforProfessionalServices.

And now, the #3Questions interview with Jay Blake:
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What is your nightmare scenario?

Mine was creating a video by committee. To be avoided at all costs.

And then…

Three weeks ago, a client got in touch about a video for a charity fundraiser. It should be created like the one I had done for him a couple of years back. The deadline would be tight, though. The video had to be ready for the week of the 17th of December, which gave me just 20 days to complete the project.

No problem.

To put you in the picture, a couple of years earlier this client had handed me 15 video clips with a total viewing time of 9 minutes that he had taken on his iPhone. The task was to transform the clips into an information video about 2 minutes long.

What could go wrong?
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This can’t be serious!

Actually, it is.

I’ve been reading this book by Yuval Harari (Homo Deus) who is a hugely successful thinker and in demand worldwide as a speaker. He made this outrageous statement about the twenty-first century:

“…to ensure global happiness will involve re-engineering Homo Sapiens so that it can enjoy everlasting pleasure.”

Homo Deus
To be quite clear: Homo Sapiens is, of course, us.

This means the quote translates into:

“…to ensure global happiness will involve re-engineering us so that we can enjoy everlasting pleasure.”

There are 3 important points here:
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Facebook is competing with YouTube for primacy in the online video platform market.
Yet they are two completely different platforms with different purposes that require different approaches of us when we want to publish videos on either platform.

To illustrate this, here is my video, London Between Meetings, published on YouTube:

and on Facebook:


Dedicated to my friend Joolia who loved this city.

Posted by Max Alter on Thursday, 18 October 2018

There are two main differences:
Open captions are necessary on Facebook and also on LinkedIn because on these platforms videos mostly start playing automatically and are muted by default. If people don’t know what your video is about, they won’t watch it. We, therefore, have to show them.

Given the way people watch videos on Facebook, the video format ought to be adjusted, too. Square is best if the original is (like mine) full HD. Beware of portrait format (vertical) videos. They can be annoying for a host of reasons.

If you want to know more about optimising your videos for YouTube, check out my article here.

A word about LinkedIn

Native video on LinkedIn is an afterthought not an organic component of this platform.

For instance, it is not possible to embed square Facebook videos on a LinkedIn page. While YouTube videos embed properly, LinkedIn automatically cuts a square video in half and only displays the upper part in 16:9 format. For videos natively uploaded to LinkedIn, this means that open (permanent) captions have to be added in the editing process.

Is it worth generating yet another version of your videos just for LinkedIn? This will be the topic of another article.

For help, support and discussion of this and similar topics, join us in my Facebook group – Videos for Professional Services.