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How do we build Trust?

We can’t do it instantly. It takes time.

Trust is built in a series of very small moments. We have to stack trust up brick by brick. And take our time over it.

Where, though, do we find the bricks? And how do we use them?

For that, I’ll take you on a deep dive. Come with me deep into our limbic system.

Welcome to Amygdala country. That is where Trust lives.

The Amygdala plays a primary role in processing our emotional reactions and decision-making. Trust is settled by the Amygdala within a fraction of a second.

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Are you winning your Zero Moment of Truth?

Currently, I am sorting out my ZMOT. It is a bit of a challenge but it is at the same time a huge opportunity.

How is yours doing?

Is your ZMOT performing?

You’re wondering what I am blabbing on about?

Let me, then, introduce you to ZMOT is, why it so important and how we can take advantage of it.
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Is optimising videos rocket science?

It isn’t (phew, what a relief) but judging by how few people get it right on YouTube and elsewhere, you might as well think it was a lot more difficult than that.

Let’s delve into the mysteries of Optimising our Video Magnets.
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Q: Why animate your logo?

A: Movement + soundtrack = emotions.

Static logo images simply cannot reach where animated logos go.

To have your logo animated, email max (at) videomagnets (dot) co.uk
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how important do you think is sound for your videos?

Somewhere in the middle?

How about this definition?

“Sound is just a vibration going through matter.”

Or this headline from WIRED Magazine?

“The best sound for Video Ads on Facebook is silence.”

What do you think?
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Would you want to present like George Clooney in your videos? I know I would.

There must be a secret to presenting on camera like he does otherwise everyone would be doing it. Right?

A to Z of Video for Professional ServicesYes, there is a secret but it is not one thing that knocks everything out of the ballpark. I’m afraid there is no magic pill, silver bullet or golden key.

And it has nothing to do with what you say on camera.

The secret is simple.
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Are you sitting comfortably?
Then let’s begin.
Once upon a time, in a place far, far away…

This is how stories started from prehistoric caves to Hollywood space odysseys. We follow the path of the hero from humble beginnings through impossible challenges to the final transformation that brings salvation.

Fine. But what good is all this to us?
If we have to tell stories in our videos at all, how can we do this sort of thing in only a couple of minutes?

How can we tell stories?

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Do videos need a specific structure?
I don’t want to force my videos into any old structure because I don’t want my videos to be the same as anybody else’s. I want them to stand out.
Why can’t I just tell it how it is?

The answer is simple:
Skeleton - StructureAll videos need structure. Unless, of course, you want to revolutionise the oldest art form mankind knows. Structure is the skeleton of storytelling. Try walking without your skeleton.

Dress - StructureNow, all successful videos with the same type of purpose use the same type of structure as long as. It is the way you dress your skeleton that makes yours different. That is where the skill lies.

Since all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end, the question is how do we start our videos, how do we end it, and what do we put in the middle?
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“I don’t want to ruin my videos by appearing as ‘salesy’ at the end.”
Hands up if you agree with this sentiment.
Well, it’s confession time: I used to think exactly like that but… it doesn’t work.

Why not?

Let’s backtrack a moment and look at why we have videos on our website and social media properties.

There are two important points here:
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What is the very first thing we have to do in a video?
Actually, there are 2 things, and I’ll talk about both of them.

The first two things we have to do are GRAB and PAY.

First, we have to grab our viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds of our video.
Why do we have to do it so quickly?
Because, as we all know, viewers’ online attention spans are extremely short, and the competition for our viewer’s attention is fierce.
That is why we have to grab the attention and keep it as quickly as possible. It is simply a MUST.

How do we grab our viewers’ attention?

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