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3 Questions about Social Media with Tamara Cowling

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(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Tammy Cowling, welcome to the #3Questions About Social Media interview. You are a change manager, and my question to you is:

What is the most effective, most engaging social media platform for you in your business?

At the moment, I’m quite agnostic about all the different on platforms that we’ve got.
I used to use LinkedIn a lot. I used to use Facebook a fair bit.
But what I’m finding is the functionality on those is changing, and I haven’t quite found the right one yet. So we’re plugging in the gaps with Instagram, with WhatsApp, with Meet Up, with a whole range of things because we’ve got a whole suite now to try and get back what we used to have sort of five years ago.

Did you ever, that question obviously has to come from me, did you ever use video on your social media platforms?

I haven’t been using video, no.

Why not?

I think I found it difficult to set up. And I find that I don’t look as good in video as I do in real life.
The other thing is, but that may be more in the past, maybe it’s more historic, I think in a lot of cases people didn’t want to listen to something out loud. So if you did a memmy, and then you had some text behind it, people would read that on the tube or on the bus. Whereas if they’ve got to find their headsets first, that’s a little bit more of a barrier. Although I think maybe now, people have got more headsets available, so maybe that’s changed.

Are you currently struggling with using social media? Or are you using one particular platform?

I’m using all of the platforms. I’ve got HootSuite.
My struggle is definitely with time. I have all the ideas; I know what I want to produce. Just finding the time to get that produced and then get it shared across all the platforms can be quite time-consuming.

What would be your 3 top tips for others who want to engage effectively on social media?

I think definitely have something to say and be genuine. Don’t try and sit down in the middle of a pathway. You don’t have to be fully controversial but say something that means something to you because it’ll mean something to other people.
Keep it short and sweet. People don’t have a huge amount of time.
And then, have a referral system so that they can get more detailed information later.

Wonderful, Tammy. And now the bonus question, which is exactly to your last point, and it’s more for our viewers then for you: If people want to get in touch with you via social media or online, what’s the best platform to get hold of you?

On LinkedIn, Tamera Cowling.

Tammy, thank you very much for your time, and now let’s get back to networking.

You can contact Tamara Cowling on:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamaracowling/

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