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3 Questions about Social Media with Mike Turner

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(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Tonight, I’m here with Mike Turner, the founder of the Six O’clock Club Meetup. We are just behind London Bridge near The Shard, and I’m going to ask him the famous #3Questions about Social Media.

Mike, welcome. You are really heavily into social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, all sorts of thing.
What’s the most effective, most engaging online platform for you?

For me personally, its Facebook.

Why is Facebook better for you than any of the others?

Only because it is the one that crosses just about every kind of media.
I’ve been doing it successfully for nearly six years. I’m a Facebook Community Champion.
That whole emphasis on community is really desperately important, and, of course, the fact that when it comes to advertising you can get down to micro-audiences.

What kind of medium do you use? The written word, images, video? What is your preferred one?

A combination. As to a preference, the biggest thing, you know, there is no lying about this at all right now, on Facebook itis all about video. The expectation is that by the time we get to 2021-22, depending on who you listen, to 75 to 80 percent of Facebook will be video.
And certainly, there is Facebook Watch.
I don’t know if you’ve seen Facebook Watch, but everything that’s on Facebook Watch obviously is video, and they’re pushing it like hell.
So, video is particularly engaging. And live video, you know, I do a fair amount of live video, but video one way or another is the top thing on Facebook.

Just as an aside, as we are all B2B here, business networking, what about LinkedIn?

I use LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn is highly efficient in terms of targeting individuals. LinkedIn is great if you’re looking for lead generation. If you are after specific individuals, LinkedIn is fantastic.
You can’t do that on Facebook. If you’ve rocked up on Facebook and said ‘Can I be your friend?’, that’s very different from saying ‘Can I connect with you?’ on LinkedIn.
So, LinkedIn is a great starting point from a business-to-business perspective. What I teach my clients and what I do with my clients is actually have them engage people in a B2B environment on LinkedIn and then take the conversation on to Facebook, which is far more social.

Wonderful, that’s a very good tip. I would like to move on to the next question. What are your 3 top tips for people who want to effectively engage on online platforms?

There is only one tip, really, this encompasses everything: Show up and add value.
There’s that famous Zig Ziglar quote, I think it is, it says: You can have everything in life you want if you can only help enough other people to get what they want. Show up, add value.
I’ve come here, to London, this evening, I’ve come up on a train from Cornwall. I’ve travelled 250 miles. I’m here at the Six O’clock Club, I had a couple of meetings, and I’ll be going home 250 miles this evening.
I show up, and I add value or, at least, I try to. That’s the whole point. And that’s the secret to social media, is literally that: add value. Come to give, don’t come to take away.

Wonderful. And now the famous bonus question: if people want to get hold of you on social media, what’s the best way of contacting you?

That’s easy. If you google Six O’clock Club, if you google my name, Mike Turner, I come up on page 1 of Google for my LinkedIn profile. But otherwise, just look for the Six O’clock Club, you’ll find me.

Mike, thank you very much, and now let’s get on with the networking.

You can contact Mike Turner on:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miketurneruk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miketurneruk
Website: https://sixoclockclub.com/

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