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7 million times more productive
On Wednesday, 4 weeks after my hard disk saga kicked off (see here if you haven’t read it), I finally received my 2TB Barracuda drive for my editing machine. It works.

That made me think.

Do I …work?

How much more productive has technology made me after 30 years of computer use?
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Customer Service?
It all sounds so wonderful… We are here to serve you… We are here to help… Our customers/clients are our priority…

But do they REALLY MEAN it?

When you look deep down into the soul of your business and examine its heart, does customer service really reside there?

Or are these phrases just fluff hiding the wool that is pulled over the unsuspecting punter’s eyes?

Let me show you why I have recently become extremely cynical about all these “we love our clients” claims.
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Are we allowed to use other people’s content in our videos?

There is so much great stuff floating around freely on the internet. Surely, we are allowed to use it, right?


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How about having your own Corporate Video on your website? A real blockbuster that makes you stand out from the competition, shows you as the authority you are and generates clients queuing for your service?

No? Too expensive?

I agree.

What about a corporate STYLE video, instead?


Let me tell you why this is a really bad idea.

What Do Corporate Videos Look Like?
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What do you think we should focus on: our Market or our Brand?
Should we be Marketing or Branding?

Actually, it’s a trick question. For Professional Service Providers, Marketing is at the same time also Branding provided that our Marketing is done right.

And what does AIDA have to do with it?

Absolutely everything!

What is AIDA?
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How much is a video?

Cost is probably THE first item on your mind when you think about having a video done for your website.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. It usually is THE first question people keep asking me.

Well, my answer is as you might expect, IT DEPENDS.

Here is what it depends on:
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How do we build Trust?

We can’t do it instantly. It takes time.

Trust is built in a series of very small moments. We have to stack trust up brick by brick. And take our time over it.

Where, though, do we find the bricks? And how do we use them?

For that, I’ll take you on a deep dive. Come with me deep into our limbic system.

Welcome to Amygdala country. That is where Trust lives.

The Amygdala plays a primary role in processing our emotional reactions and decision-making. Trust is settled by the Amygdala within a fraction of a second.

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Are you winning your Zero Moment of Truth?

Currently, I am sorting out my ZMOT. It is a bit of a challenge but it is at the same time a huge opportunity.

How is yours doing?

Is your ZMOT performing?

You’re wondering what I am blabbing on about?

Let me, then, introduce you to ZMOT is, why it so important and how we can take advantage of it.
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Is optimising videos rocket science?

It isn’t (phew, what a relief) but judging by how few people get it right on YouTube and elsewhere, you might as well think it was a lot more difficult than that.

Let’s delve into the mysteries of Optimising our Video Magnets.
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Q: Why animate your logo?

A: Movement + soundtrack = emotions.

Static logo images simply cannot reach where animated logos go.

To have your logo animated, email max (at) videomagnets (dot) co.uk
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