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3 Questions about Social Media with Jane Tyson

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(The text is not a verbatim transcript but slightly edited for the written word. No content was harmed in the editing.)

Welcome to another ‘#3Questions About Social Media’ interview. We are back at Vapiano, and I’m here with Jane Tyson. Jane, welcome and thank you so much for participating.

Thank You.

Jane, we’ve had this discussion before, and I find it difficult to identify what you’re doing. You’re very entrepreneurial, you’re an educator. What else would you like to add as what you’re doing?

I guess underlying all I do is encouraging people to be creative and exploring resilience through creativity.

You also have a series on random dialogues where you interview people. And, it’s a secret, but I was interviewed as well. Jane, now to the famous three questions about social media: What are the best, most effective social media platforms that you are using for yourself?

Instagram is a lot of fun at the moment. I’m enjoying Instagram. I used to put everything into one page, one profile. Recently I’ve split that so that I’m clearer with each one. I’m doing resilience mentoring for parents, resilient parenting, resilient families. I’m doing yoga for families. I’m also doing my random dialogues. So it was easier now to split that and then build a different audience for each group.

All that on Instagram?

I think it’s five accounts you’re allowed to use. I’ve played around with having one account and trying to do all in one platform, and then realised it’s just too confusing.

Right. That, I think, would hold for other platforms as well. If you do different things, have a different account for each of the things you do, be it business or not.

Yes. I’ve discovered the same for Twitter as well. I’ve had three, four accounts on Twitter for the different things that I have been involved with. In this way, you are building different audiences, different stories around those different names.

You’re also on LinkedIn and Facebook?

Yes. With LinkedIn I’m sort of not having so much fun. But I think LinkedIn is big, and I’m beginning to understand it more. And I can see that actually, again as with all of these things, it’s about engaging with others.

What type of communications do you put out on these platforms? Is it text, is it images? Whatever.

It varies. I actually learnt this week something about LinkedIn. I thought LinkedIn was good for using video. I thought most platforms were great if you used video. I learned on LinkedIn, actually, text only gets the biggest reach.

Do you use video?

I use video, yes. I obviously create random dialogues and use video. Sometimes I might go to my allotment and I’ll just decide to do a video about my allotment. It’s very much in the moment with me. I’m a bit random. But it depends; if I’m feeling in a creative mood I’ll create a video.

Does video… I have to ask these questions, of course, does video pose any particular problems for you?

Well, again as we’ve discovered today, it’s getting the lighting right, the setup right. If I’m trying to do it properly it causes problems. If I’m just having a bit of fun and doing my own thing without worrying about who my audience is because I just enjoy doing the videos, then, no, no problem.

And you shoot your videos with your phone?

Yes, I use my Samsung Android phone.

So basically, you can do video fairly easily without a problem, and if you want to achieve certain effects, of course, then you have to edit a little bit.

Yes, and, you know, I just bought a cheap tripod from somewhere called Tiger for £3. Poundland even do selfie sticks. I just carry those around in my bags so that I have them if I want to do a quick interview of somebody or if I’m just in the mood for doing a video or filming something.

OK, great. And the next question is: What are your three top tips for people who want to be active on social media?

I think it’s key to be socializing on social media, to be sociable, to engage with others. You’re adding value for them and supporting other people that you know. And it’s also key, that you meet people face-to-face. When you’ve met them online but actually you’re looking to meet them offline, and that’s where the power is in the connection.

What do you understand by being sociable on social media?

Well, looking for and reading what people have written and commenting on it. And not necessarily selling yourself or your purpose but just asking them a question, or just answering something they’ve written. Because on most platforms, you’ll comment and that will get seen by other people as well.

So, basically just engage with what other people put out and not just put out your own stuff all the time.

Yes, and I think it takes energy to put out your own stuff. And, you know, it can get lost particularly on somewhere like Twitter. On Instagram, you might get a few likes. But I think people are still looking in at your stuff. It doesn’t mean they have to be liking it and engaging with it themselves, but you’re playing it forward sometimes, leaving a bit of a trail.

And if people want to get in touch with you either about any of your resilience streams or the random dialogues, what’s the best way of getting hold of you online?

JaneTyson.co.uk actually takes you to my LinkedIn profile. I’d love to connect with your LinkedIn.

Jane, thank you very much for taking the time off and being on the #3Questions interview.

You can contact Jane Tyson on:
LinkedIn: https://janetyson.co.uk
Twitter: @JaneTyson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RandomDialoguers
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkSGrmGkyld846_kDYmAJEw

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