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TTIG (BPlsqo2bk2M)

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So many compromises.

All I meant to do was take a quick photo.

After the first one, it suddenly clicked that I had just been allowed enough extra time to video most of the surgery.

How do you film an over 10 metres tall tree from less than 3 metres distance?

That’s all I had on top of no planning, no preparation and no filters because the two surgeons worked so fast that just by thinking about it I started missing shots. Just hold up the phone and hope for the best, never mind that I loathe impromptu vertical videos.

From arrival to clearing up, it took these two experts not even an hour while I tried to keep out of their way and not to be covered by rain, sawdust and falling logs.

Now, the tree is gone.

For the first time ever, I have a room with a view instead of a big tree trunk and dense canopy darkening the day. The light streaming in is almost overpowering. At the same time, it’s a thrilling, breathtaking new horizon.

PS. I found the ideal soundtrack for this video but, alas, it was beyond my reach. It would have been a fabulous send-off, though. Next time, when I have a feature film budget. Yet another compromise.

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