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Background – Distraction or Enhancement?

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Does it matter where we shoot our videos?
In front of a plain background?
Perhaps something more varied?
Actually, it does matter although not so much where we film but the choice of background for our videos matters.

What kind of background should I choose?

What is the main purpose of our videos?

To get our message across.

Our background should therefore support our message. At the very least, it must not distract from it.

The basic rules, therefore, are:

  • Keep your background simple and uncluttered.
  • Keep it plain if you want to use text to support your messages.
  • If you have a lively or varied background, blur it out so that patterns, text or images don’t absorb your audience’s attention.

We also need to be careful of how we light the background.

  • Don’t stand with the sun behind you. If we do this, we’ll become a mere shadow of ourselves.

Now, there is another type of background that many people tend to ignore:

Background Noise

For instance, air condition, background music, people talking, pets, alarms, sirens, aeroplanes and underground trains, flushing toilets, running water, building sites, telephone calls.

There is a myriad of sounds that can intrude, distract and make your audience click away because they can’t hear what you say. Don’t forget that the most important part of a really effective video is really good sound.

Should I Use a Soundtrack?

It is absolutely fine to use soundtracks as long as they support the mood of your video and remain discretely in the background. We must not allow it to drown out our voice. That would kill the message.

Finally, here is a tip where to shoot your videos:

If your clients come to see you at your offices, that is where you should shoot your videos.
Because it is your natural habitat, where you feel comfortable, where you are most at ease, and therefore best able to connect with your audience.
Which, in turn, of course, will make them feel more at ease when they come to see you there.

Having said that, why then do I not shoot my videos at my office?
Fair question.

Here are my three main reasons why:

First reason: I always shoot my clients’ videos at their offices. Nobody ever comes to my office. There is, therefore, no reason for me to shoot a video at my office.

Second reason: I sit at my desk facing the window. Shooting from behind me, therefore, is a no-no, even if I swivelled around in my chair, because I would just be blacked out.

Third reason: shooting with the camera in front of the window, facing me, would reveal a background that is far too cluttered and distracting even when blurred out.

That is why I generally prefer shooting my videos in front of a plain background.

Where do you shoot your videos?

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