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How to Acquire New Clients for Your Professional Services (Case Study: Changing Accountants)

Webinar replay:

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Welcome to this webinar replay. It is short and focused and follows up on the survey where I had asked accountants whether they’d want videos with blogposts for their websites.

Even though this case study focusses on accountants, the principles explained here apply equally to all individuals and firms who provide professional services.

In the webinar, I show how a professional service provider can acquire new clients by helping your website visitors, that is your prospective clients solve their problems.

The focus is on engagement and trust building even before client and professional service provider have met.

I show how the problem we solve in this case study, Changing Accountants, is broken down into 5 separate sections and the steps needed to create the appropriate content.

At the end, you are invited to download and test one of videos and blogposts free of charge.

Here are links mentioned in the webinar (in order of appearance):

The blogposts where I report the survey results and answer questions that arose in response to the survey:


The download link for the free video and blogpost (includes instructions):
Video Blogposts for Accountants

Click the image for the Changing Accountants Quartet of video blogposts:
Changing Accountants