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I Don’t Like Myself …On Video

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Do you suffer from the “I don’t like myself on video” syndrome? It is one of the most frequently cited reasons that stop local business owners, professionals, coaches and others from reaping the huge benefits video offers as a marketing tool.

Can this be cured?

Yes. Taking a random sample of one, I used to hate my voice whenever I had to listen to a recording of it. Now, not only doesn’t it bother me any longer, I can listen and evaluate whether it sounds right for the purpose of the recording. I did the same with watching myself on video.

You can do it, too.

Of course, we could now go down the psychoanalytic route and argue a kind of inverted narcissistic yearning if you wish. I leave this to the appropriate professionals. What helped me to like myself in sound and image was the following:

Bear in mind that we hear and see ourselves from inside our head with everything this point of view and hearing implies. Others can’t access this vantage point so they don’t compare the two different sources of sound and vision. They take what we present to them and listen to us, shake hands, love us and buy from us. Why should we reject as unbearable what others find quite attractive?

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