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What is the very first thing we have to do in a video?
Actually, there are 2 things, and I’ll talk about both of them.

The first two things we have to do are GRAB and PAY.

First, we have to grab our viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds of our video.
Why do we have to do it so quickly?
Because, as we all know, viewers’ online attention spans are extremely short, and the competition for our viewer’s attention is fierce.
That is why we have to grab the attention and keep it as quickly as possible. It is simply a MUST.

How do we grab our viewers’ attention?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
We start with a hook, and then we tell a story following the path laid out by AIDA, which is not the opera but the AIDA I talk about in my video.

AIDA is a marketing model for effective communication.
It gives us the sequences of the elements of our story:

  • First, we grab our viewers’ ATTENTION,
  • Next, we awaken their INTEREST in what we have to offer;
  • This, in turn, generates their DESIRE to know more about our solution to their problem.
  • Finally, we end on a CALL to ACTION.

For our videos, this is another MUST. We absolutely have to end on the Call to Action because that is where we want our viewers to go with us throughout our story.
It is also the reason why it is so hugely important that we grab and keep their ATTENTION throughout.

After grabbing, what about PAYING Attention?

In our videos, we must pay meticulous attention to detail.
If we are negligent or sloppy, we will reduce the production quality of our videos with potentially dire consequences for our business, service or project.

What is low production quality?

Production qualityProbably the most important element of a video is good sound. Low production quality means the sound is bad with, for instance, too much background noise.
It can also mean that the image is bad; it could be too distracting, out of focus or not framed properly.
Beyond image and sound, the content could be incomplete, not well thought through or not properly structured for the purpose of the video.

In other words, if the video is just dashed off without sufficient care or consideration for the viewer, then not paying ATTENTION to DETAIL may not only harm your image but, more worryingly, it will also damage your business.

Would you want to hire someone as a trusted advisor that requires great attention to detail if the first impression of the service provider is that they don’t care about how they present themselves? If their video is sloppily rushed together, hard to listen to and not clear to see?

There are so many videos that fall into this category that, if nothing else, then proper attention to detail will make you stand out from the crowd, that is, stand out from your competitors.

In my series of A-Z of Video for Professional Services, I promise that I will point out numerous traps along the way so that you won’t fail where proper attention to detail is paramount.

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