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Do We Need a Purpose for Our Videos?

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Isn’t it enough just to create videos?

Do we really need a purpose for creating our videos?

Everyone now talks about wanting and needing videos. Is it really necessary to go all fluffy and delve into why?

Do you know why you want videos?

Let me come clean at the outset. Being clear about our purpose has nothing to do with being ‘fluffy’. It is hugely important even if we limit ourselves here just to creating videos. Without it we won’t get anywhere.

Let me answer these questions in turn:

Why create videos at all?

My main focus here is on videos for Professional Services.
In this case, the answer is straight forward.

With correctly done videos, we attract more ideal clients faster and make more money in the process because video is simply the most powerful online attraction tool bar none.

But that’s not enough of a why. Because in this statement, video is just a tool. Will any kind of video work for us? No, of course not.

So, what will make it work?

It’s our purpose.

For our videos to work, we have to be crystal clear about what we want to achieve with them.

Do we want to make people laugh, or entertain?
Teach or instruct?
Or do we want to sell our project, products or services?

As you’re here, I guess the answer is most likely to be the latter.

Not only do you need a purpose for your videos but, for your videos to work in this case, your purpose has to be instructed and shaped by WIIFM, What’s In I For Me (check out the video).

Your purpose reaches much further than that.

It not only informs the structure of each of your videos, your purpose will also determine the structure of your video campaign.

It determines the topics you select, the order in which your videos will be published and how far you want the campaign to reach. And depending on your purpose, the structure will vary.

But even this is not enough.

If your purpose is to promote your business, your services or your project, then you also must make sure that your videos are seen.

Increasing visibility requires multiple platforms and a system, for instance my 3M system, that unites all the different aspects that ensure the success of your video campaign.

A case in point

Take these videos as an example, my A-Z of Video for Professional Services.

My purpose is to increase my visibility by providing as much value as possible with free information that can be applied straight away, and to lead by example.

Now, this purpose informs and determines lots of things:

It structures my entire campaign, that is to say, the topics I selected for my videos and the sequence in which I publish them.

It also determines the structure of each and every one of my videos. They all follow this same structure. And they are all informed by WIIFM.

Furthermore, it also structures the system I use to make sure that my videos are seen. It determines which online and offline media I use, when and where I publish what and how frequently.

In so many words, I do what I preach.

Which leaves only one final question:
What is your purpose?

Do you have any further questions? Would you like me to cover specific topics in future videos? Do you wish to be notified when the next video in this series will be published? I’ll be delighted to answer all these questions and will reply as quickly as possible. Just use the form below to get in touch.

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