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How much is the difference? (Small difference, Big impact)

Here is a video with a very small difference:

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As you saw, the difference wouldn’t even buy you a regular cappuccino but it could have a huge impact on your bottom line.

You think I’m kidding, right?

Let’s look at it this way:

Do you enjoy watching videos that somehow make you feel uneasy, nervous, restless? That distract from their content but you’re not really able to pin down what’s wrong with them? I certainly wouldn’t, and, please, correct me if I’m wrong in assuming that you wouldn’t either.

Which of the two videos I just showed you made you feel more relaxed and at ease, the first, shaky one or the second one that was perfectly still?

IMHO the second one looked so much more professional, so much more authoritative. Agreed?

Yet the difference between the two, in money terms, was less than the famous regular cappuccino.

Small difference, big impact.

Now, what do you do when you encounter an unpleasant experience online? My guess is that you’ll click away as fast as you can. Correct?

It doesn’t matter whether what’s wrong with the video is a shaky image, a misplaced message or an inappropriate presenter. If, for whatever reason, the video does not communicate on your wavelength, if it doesn’t engage and connect with you, no one will blame you if you put an end to your displeasure and cut this viewing experience short very promptly.

What this means is that the creator of this particular message failed in her or his attempt to attract you as a client. They ruined their effort because they didn’t know how to get it right.

That’s the impact on the bottom line resulting from false economies or simple ignorance.

How can you avoid falling into the same trap especially if you provide a professional service?

Here is one suggestion: attend a free workshop.

Invest a couple of hours to arm yourself with the know-how that will serve you well whether you decide to create your own videos or to keep a watchful and knowing eye on the output created by a video production company for you.

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