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Videoblogposts for Accountants
A couple of weeks ago, I asked a simple question:

Do accountants who run their own practice want videos on their website?

I had a good idea what the answer would be but that would introduce too many things I had to assume. And we all know what assuming does. As I didn’t feel, strictly between you and me, like turning myself into an ass, I set up a very simple, 2-question survey and invited accountants in practice for themselves to participate.

[I haven’t closed the survey yet so you can still participate. I’d appreciate this, and I promise to report any updates. Here is the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JDMRSTQ]

The replies so far created the following picture:

Video Blogposts for Accountants - Results

I thank everyone who participated and especially those who qualified their replies. As the survey was anonymous, no one could be identified.

Let me, then, report the results.

Those who answered YES to the question [“Would you want to use videos on your website?”] gave 4 primary reasons why they haven’t done so yet.

Their main concerns were:

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Getting a professional finish that is authentic
  4. Getting it right

Those who answered in the negative, that is they do not want to use videos on their website, very interestingly did not say that videos did not work. Instead, they thought that websites were a bit of a waste of space. Set them up, let them float and get on with business, that was their sentiment. Quite rightly so, in these circumstances, there truly would be no point in spending time and money on creating videos.

In future articles, I’ll go into the implications and possible answers to the objections raised. For instance, what does the reason for the negative answer say about the respondent’s view on websites? Or: How to get it right? I’ll even give you an example that got it right to try on your website, free of charge and no strings attached.

No need to wait for the next article. If you are up to trying things out, click here and enjoy a video blogpost for accountants on the house. BTW this one works in any English speaking country, not just in the UK.

And in case you wondered, the answers to the survey questions confirmed what I had assumed initially, even down to the role of websites. No ass, after all.

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