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In my last article I promised to answer the most pertinent questions raised by the respondents to my survey (“Do accountants who run their own practice want videos on their website?”). Questions, that is, and objections.

Let’s start with the most fundamental of all objections:

Cui Bono?

“Website is low key and is meant to be an equivalent of a brochure. My website does not generate much business and is not designed to. The vast majority of my work comes from referrals. I don’t see any return for the input nor do I even see the attraction.”

Does this ring a bell? Who else considers a website a grudgingly accommodated but largely unnecessary expense that mainly benefits web designers and hosting platforms?

If you do, then welcome to the 21st century. You’re about to miss what’s happening.

People live online, and that includes not just Millennials who, by now, at the one end of their timeline, are hitting their mid-thirties, are valiantly striding towards middle age and are a serious business building generation. At the other end of the generational continuum, Baby Boomers are there, too.

This means that even with a referral, virtually everyone will check you out online. If your website is a tatty old brochure, then it will do more than merely not generate much traffic. It may actually turn potential clients away. For accountants (as for other professional services), your website is your shop window.

Which shop window do you prefer to look at?

One that is old and has nothing to say?

shop window 2
Or one that invites you inside?

shop window 1
The choice is yours.

If you prefer the former, then I have very little to add. Except, that one of my clients revived an old looking website with thumbnails of a dozen videos placed on the homepage. This website now generates fifty percent of his turnover.

Would you like to benefit, too?

If, on the other hand, you prefer your shop window to be positive and inviting but you still have doubts and questions, then read on. In follow up articles I’ll address the three main objections: Cost, time, and how to get it right.

Meanwhile, I invite you to test what a video and blogpost would look like on your website. It is free with no strings attached. You can download one here. All you’ll be asked for in return will be some feedback if you feel like it.

Video Blogposts for Accountants