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Video Blogposts for Accountants - Time“I simply don’t have the time to create videos.”

Isn’t this one of the most frequently heard objections used not just by accountants?

It takes more than time, though, to create your own videos.

But before we hurtle down this road, allow me to introduce one crucial aspect of this argument:

How much do you charge for your time?

£100 per hour? £150? £200?

I am sure you see where I am going with this: the opportunity costs of embarking on an unfamiliar, complex process.
Video Blogposts for Accountants - Opportunity Costs
What’s time-consuming when we start out in unfamiliar territory is the learning curve we have to climb. Even assessed at only £100/hour, this can quickly add up.

Then every time you shoot a video, and certainly if you shoot several videos in one session, it’ll probably be the better part of half a day that will disappear into planning content, shooting and editing with all the bits and pieces like graphics, animation, soundtrack and video optimisation.

(For a more expanded discussion of what goes into creating your own videos vs. the alternative, read my article on ‘DIY or Done 4 U’.)

What if you had the time?

Even if you had the time, wouldn’t it be wiser to invest these hours directly in your business rather than in an activity that you’ll practice only from time to time?

Video Blogposts for Accountants - TimeThe problem with only sporadically embarking on a fairly complex series of processes like video creation is that each time we start we have to relearn things we have forgotten from last time. Unlike your profession, which you practice daily, it does not really become second nature.

This important drawback tends to drag out the entire process for longer than it should, which in turn makes it more expensive, too. Your opportunity costs rise and ROI goes down.

This brings us back to what I said in my article about the cost of video. Time, like money spent, should bring a return on its investment. The lower the cost and the less time spent, the better the return, other things being equal.

Now allow me to be cheeky and move the goal post to zero cost and virtually no time.

Would you like to test drive a video blogpost specifically designed for accountants at absolutely zero cost? The only time you’d have to spent is: Click, Download, Log into your website, Publish. Click here and download it with my compliments noe. No strings attached. All I’ll ask you in return will be some feedback if you feel like it.

Video Blogposts for Accountants

In the next article, I’ll talk about another major question highlighted by the survey: how to get your videos right.


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