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3 Steps to Getting More Ideal Clients Faster

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How many of your clients are your ideal clients? The Pareto principle tells us that we spend 80 percent of our time servicing clients who generate 20 percent of our revenue but only 20 percent of our time with clients who contribute 80 percent to our bottom line.


While generally true, this principle is not an iron law of doing business. It’s more of an indication that most business either don’t really know who their ideal clients are or don’t have a system that helps them attract their ideal clients or, in many cases, both.

Ideal clients are fun to work with. That is actually the reason why they generate more revenue than all other clients together. To think that they are fun because they give us more money is getting it back to front.

When we have fun working we are more enthusiastic which makes us more effective and productive and hence our work more profitable. We communicate this, mostly non-verbally, to our clients who then enjoy working with us. A wonderful virtuous circle.

All that’s missing in this idyllic picture is a method that would allow us to find our ideal clients not just by chance but systematically.

Fortunately, there is such a thing: a 3 step system to getting more ideal clients faster and making more money in the process.

This system crucially depends on getting 3 steps right: the message, the messenger and the platform.

Firstly, finding the right message for our ideal clients is key. This will attract them to us rather than us having to go and hunt for them, which makes the process faster and more effective for everyone concerned.

Secondly, the right messenger depends very much on the type of business you are in. For professional services, business owners are the right messenger. Ideal clients want to deal with the boss, certainly in the first instance and as long as it takes to cement the relationship. It is therefore crucial that the business owners put themselves out there and not delegate or even outsource this pivotal role.

Thirdly, the right platform for communicating your message is obviously the one where your ideal clients tend to hang out. To state the obvious, professionals are on LinkedIn and not on Instagram or Snapchat. Go where your clients are.

For more details on each of the 3 steps to getting more ideal clients faster, join me on the 15th of July in the City of London. Reserve your seat now: http://bit.ly/3steps1507

The 3 Step System