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How can you engage your profile visitors?

Social Media Profile VideoYou have to work your magic, differentiate yourself, stand out. There is no way around it. But how to do it when all you have is the same as everyone else? How can you bring yourself in?

I am talking specifically about LinkedIn profiles here but pretty much the same applies to all our social media platforms and to our websites.

On LinkedIn, all we have to captivate our audience is space for our profile picture and for lots of written words. Good profiles have professional photos and carefully crafted summaries that are informative, not too long and certainly not ‘salesy’. So far so much like everyone else.

But there is a way of giving your profile visitors a real flavour of who you are.

Immediately below the summary, LinkedIn lets you place photos and videos. This is the spot where you can literally speak to your profile visitors.


With a Social Media Profile Video.

With a Social Media Profile Video you welcome your visitors personally. Keeping it short and upbeat, you tell them who you are. Most importantly, all you do at the end is ask them to connect.

Why do these videos work?

Because they are personal. They give your visitors a true flavour of who you are because they can both see and hear you. By using the power of video you engage your visitors and give them the opportunity to connect with you at a level that the written word on a web page cannot reach. You embed your non-verbal communication in your LinkedIn profile page.

Done correctly, Social Media Profile Videos engage because they carry your voice and photo, they are animated, short, direct and upbeat.

They allow people to hear and see you, to read some text and watch a few moving images. They combine elements that have been shown to maximise attention and retention. They also happen to be the most cost effective and inexpensive way to embed video in your profile and website. Click here and have a look.