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Why Video? 7 Key Factors Why Video Beats Everything Else Online

In this video, I explore the 7 key factors why ONLINE VIDEO beats everything else, why it is THE MOST EFFECTIVE promotional tool for the Web.

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Here is the link I promised in the video (click here).

Videos get results because people love videos. Watching Video has become THE No. 1 web activity. They like online videos because they like watching television, which is a main reason why they find that watching videos is easy.

Another reason why videos get results for local businesses is because videos recreate the in-store experience for customers. It’s the closest people get to an emotional shopping experience while they’re still at home.

These are the public reasons, as it were, why video beats every other online promotional tool. But they are not the 7 key factors, which you need to help you make videos that sell. For these, we need to look behind the scene.

The 7 Key Factors

1. The fundamental factor is Engagement. It is the foundation stone for the success of your online videos.

Videos engage viewers by transmitting emotions like speaking face-to-face does. They don’t just convey your message but also your tone of voice and your body language. Through your videos, you can literally speak to millions of people online face-to-face one person at a time.

It’s this and the fact that people love stories that makes videos so powerful. A story tops messaging every single time.

2. Next is the Authority that videos confer. This is also due to the television effect. Who generally presents programmes or is interviewed on television? Yes, experts and authorities in their fields. This carries over to video: Appearing in a video bestows instant authority on you in the eyes of your viewers. This effect is amplified when you appear in a series of videos on your site.

Engagement and Authority combine to do two things. First of all, they build trust in you. Through your videos, you speak to your customers face-to-face, and this builds trust.

3. This results in a level of Conversion of visitors into paying customers unrivalled by any other online promotion tool. On video, you endow your Call to Action with a more persuasive sense of urgency than would be possible in any other medium.

4. The second impact of Engagement and Authority is on Branding. Videos make for far more persuasive and enduring Branding compared to other online media.

Brand awareness and brand engagement are significantly enhanced by video. Now, local businesses especially benefit from this because a properly executed video programme will tie the brand to the person instead of keeping it anonymous.

5. The next factor is more specifically internet related: Ranking your website in the search results. Video is the New SEO for a number of reasons:

  • Videos rank fast.
  • Videos are easy to optimise.
  • Videos keep viewers longer on the page.
  • Videos also boost the web pages where they are embedded, to the top of the search engines, especially when these pages are linked to a major video sharing site like Youtube.

6. One but last is Flexibility of video. Flexibility of video means:

  • Videos can be produced fast,
  • Videos can easily be personalised and
  • Videos can be embedded virtually anywhere.

Videos allow you to greet and help your customers personally 24/7 without incurring any additional overheads.

7. The final factor that gives video its breakthrough is that there are No Barriers To Entry any longer.

Barriers to entry have virtually disappeared because technology, that is the hardware and software, is universally available at lowest prices or at times even free. Infrastructure necessary for video distribution is improving fast, thus creating fast delivery speeds and easy setup. Know-how and services that help create and market with videos are now highly affordable even for local, small businesses.

These 7 crucial factors for video success help video break through to support your business wherever you need it: in Promotion, Instruction, Service and Entertainment.

For a free consultation on how to use these 7 key factors and harness the power of video to help you achieve your goals contact Big Videos Local (click here).

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