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Are You A Great Communicator?

Are You A Great Communicator?Are you a great communicator? Is it easy for you to just let rip when you address people? Or like me, does it take you a while to get going?

People who find it difficult to get started usually think that those ‘great communicators’ hit the jackpot every time.

Reality is very far from it.

Those with the gift of the gab need as much support as those who take a lot of coaxing and even then are still reluctant to speak out.

Both need support to be able to channel what they know into a form that audiences, especially today’s video audiences, will want to listen to.

With video, every word counts because viewers’ attention spans are deplorably short.

What does this mean for both, for those who can‘t stop speaking and for those who can’t get started?

Let’s take the first group:

They overflow with words but falter when they run up against two crucial challenges:

They find it very difficult to get their message across when time is highly limited as it normally is in a promotional video. You have about 90 seconds in total for your full message. Viewing figures drop steeply when the video reaches two minutes. This is the first real challenge.

As they produce an abundance of words, they tend to work, or more likely wend their way towards their message. This does not work with online video. You have to be on message within 10 seconds from the word go or viewers will click away. This is their second real challenge.

What is the solution to these challenges?

I’ll come to it in a moment, but let’s first look at the second group:

Their challenge is straight forward: They think they cannot communicate on video. Their self image prevents them from even trying.

What is the solution to their challenge?

Interestingly, both groups’ challenges have the same solution. And no, I don’t mean outsourcing. It is a solution but not one that optimises branding and establishes rapport with your target audience.

The solution for both is to work with a video company who goes beyond the merely technical aspects of creating videos, who works with both groups to help them get their message across convincingly.

For the first group, this means reining them in and getting them to focus on what has to be said now. The need to dam in and channel their flow of words and make sure that their message arrives right on time.

For the second group, it means getting them to understand that they can do it. After all, they do it all the time. They know their business, communicate with and convince their clients regularly. All it takes is get them to speak not to the camera but to a client and focus on the message.

This approach to creating online video works. Everyone can become a great communicator in their own business.

For more information on how your business can benefit from the most powerful online promotion tool, how you can become a great communicator and create a powerful online video message, click here and get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you.

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